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Texas Catering Company

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ken Patrick, Executive Chef and Founder of Texas Catering Company & Imaginative Menu Planning & Recipe Development. Texas Catering Company has been an entertaining favorite since 2001 and we have now extended our services to include entertaining your guests at a venue of your choice. We are a full service catering company offering a variety of foods, beverages, services, as well as professional chefs who will prepare food for you and your guests. We also offer customized menu planning & recipe development. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner, a wedding, black tie affair, corporate function or casual outdoor event, we have a menu to suit your needs. Once you select your menu, we will put it together in a proposal for you. If you’re interested, we are also able to put together elegant wine dinners, cooking demonstrations or interactive cooking classes. As your Private Chef, I will use only the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients to deliver an intimate, “Five Star” in-home dining experience. The flavor of each ingredient is fully developed & masterfully presented. While I am based in Dallas, TX, I work all over the country. Please contact us about private parties in your home. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much for your time. Ken Patrick Executive Chef/ Proprietor Texas Catering Company Imaginative Menu Planning & Recipe Development Office: 972-291-1514 Mobile: 469-337-6823 Fax: 972-291-7604 Email: kenstexascatering@yahoo.com
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